Dollars Agency offers representation for talented performers and dancers, connecting them with opportunities that match their skills and interests.


By joining Dollars Agency, performers and dancers can expand their network and build relationships with industry professionals.

Portfolio building:

The agency helps performers and dancers build their portfolio, showcasing their work and talent to potential clients and employers.

International opportunities:

With a strong global presence, Dollars Agency offers performers and dancers the opportunity to work with clients all over the world, opening up new and exciting opportunities.

Support and guidance:

The agency's experienced team provides ongoing support and guidance to their talent, helping them navigate the industry and achieve their career goals.



Professional dancers and performers:

Dollars Agency can provide a wide range of professional dancers and performers for clubs and venues. This includes dancers for nightclubs, burlesque shows, and other events.

Creative choreography:

Dollars Agency can work with clubs and venues to create unique and creative choreography for their shows. This can help to make their events stand out and provide a more engaging experience for the audience. Subject to availability of our staff as they are in high demand.

Costume design:

Dollars Agency can also provide costume design services for clubs and venues. This includes designing and creating costumes for dancers and performers, as well as providing costume rental options.

Event planning and management:

Dollars Agency can assist with event planning and management for clubs and venues. This includes coordinating logistics such as lighting, sound, and stage setup, as well as managing performers and ensuring the event runs smoothly.

Talent scouting and booking:

Dollars Agency can provide talent scouting and booking services for clubs and venues. This includes identifying talented performers and dancers, negotiating contracts, and managing bookings for events.

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